Friday, 16 November 2012

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"Growing up, I always found peace when surrounded by an abundance of trees. Many days were spent by the creek down from the old house. Other times I ran deep among the trees to find refuge when the home life was rough. For me personally, there has always been something magical deep within a wooded area. After reading the book Mr Hookumbacker and the Yella Yella Yum Yum Tree, I believe in that magic more than ever.

Written by author Richard Silverton, Mr Hookumbacker and the Yella Yella Yum Yum Tree is a fun way to help bring awareness to our forests & wooded areas. As I read through the pages, I was taken into a world of magic & beauty. Each character has their own unique characteristics that make you love them even more throughout the story.

 In the beginning of the story I was sort of wishing there were illustrations but once I read further, I was happy that there were no pictures. This left it all up to me. My mind was the creator when it came to visualizing what each character looked like. It truly made the story more magnificent. Do not get me wrong though- I'd LOVE to see this made into a movie. It'd be awesome!

I'm thoroughly glad to have been given the chance to review this book. Mr Silverton has done a great job at bringing a delightful story to his readers (young & old). The only thing that could make this book any better?? Another book to carry on the story."

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The book was reviewed by Jessica - thank you Jessica!

"This little adventure starts off in the Cracking Stone Forest, where the forest tree master, Mr. Hookumbacker, is preparing Wiggle Twig Village for a naming ceremony of the newest bumble tum and sapling in the forest. Bumble Tu
ms are tiny creatures that act as guides and tree keepers for the new saplings, and help maintain the general health of the forest. They are named bumble tums, because their tummy’s are striped like bumble bees! The first naming ceremony we are introduced to is where a little bumble tum named Cherry Petals, and her new sapling, Holly Shallina are paired up and sent into the forest to start their lives as bumble tums and saplings.

The forest is full of excitement at night, and when the sun rises, it settles down, and rests for the day. Saplings, especially, are expected to be back within the confines of the forest before sunrise, otherwise if they are caught outside when the sun rises, they take root forever where they are. They would be exposed to the elements, and weeds, and they would not be able to run and play as they once did."

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Monday, 5 November 2012

Review of Mr. Hookumbacker and the Yella Yum Yum Tree at Pea of Sweetness blog - thank you Emilee:


"Mr. Hookumbacker and the Yella Yella Yum Yum Tree is a children’s adventure story. The Forest of the Cracking Stone is full of wonder and natural beauty. It is also a place of magic as well as honey tickles, bumbletums, sapling shines and a kindly old tree master called Mr. Hookumbacker.

I am excited I had the chance to review Mr. Hookumbacker and the Yella Yella Yum Yum Tree. At first I was a little surprised at the length of the book because it does have a few chapters. I wasn’t sure our kids being so young (and having such a short attention span) would sit through it, but I read it to them one chapter at a time. We were always eager for the next chapter – myself included! It really is an engaging story that keeps you wanting to read more! I really enjoyed this book because it touches on the importance of our environment while taking you through a fun, adventurous tale full of unique characters with fun names! I really love how the author combined such a very important concern and made it fun and enjoyable! I also like how the story expressed different types of relationships including friends going out of their way to help another! I think overall this book is filled with great messages rolled up into magical adventure and a lot of fun!"